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Cat6e network wiring has become the foundation of a smart city

Cat6e network wiring has become the foundation of a smart city

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Cat6e network has become a part of network development, and it is becoming more and more important. This article will introduce the trend of Super Six network lines for you.

Building energy consumption accounts for 20%-30% of the total energy consumption of our society. In the whole life cycle of construction, most of the energy consumption occurs in the operation process of construction. Therefore, it is particularly important to use intelligent building skills to promote efficient use of energy efficiency.

With the power of China's International Forum building in the smart city intelligent skills and service conference held on the day before, the experts suggest that the time the development bottleneck is mainly in the intelligent city intelligent building operation, and summarized six categories of cabling (hereinafter referred to as the Super Six cabling) to the effect of little importance between is the blood of the city, wit.

Cat6 network line

Cat6e network wiring is the root of Intelligent City

The super six type network wiring is not only a question of a line, but also the construction of other regions and cities. Zhang Yi, Deputy Secretary General of the engineering intelligent planning branch of China Association of Surveying and planning, said that over six kinds of cable wiring is a modular and highly flexible information transmission channel between building or building groups.

Through it, we can connect voice devices, data devices, communication devices and all kinds of control devices to information management system. At the same time, we also induce more than six kinds of cable wiring, which are connected with external communication network. In addition, over six kinds of cable wiring also include all cables and related connection parts between the connection point of external network or telecommunication line and system equipment.

He further explained that over six cable wiring use planning: "handling from the family and residence built six cabling system for building and construction group, to the Super Six cabling system, and then to go and Park community Super Six cabling system, can have life into something living things."

The higher the wiring level of a city's super six kinds of network cable is, the higher the bandwidth it can provide to users. The higher the level of the whole city's handling will be. Therefore, it is not only a core goal of measuring the national economic strength, but also a base and guarantee for the competitiveness of the country's progress in the information age.

Cat6e network wiring how to force?

Over six cable wiring to its compatibility, openness, flexibility, reliability, advanced and economical characteristics, a city built in the construction of intelligent data transmission, intelligent foundation, between the city in each category, each sub system more clear and close contact, such as the same as the city installed on the network "nerve". So, how does the super six network line improve the level of intelligent city management?

Zhang Yi thought that the ultra six network wire wiring was the core skill they used - the Internet of things skills. "We can think about using all kinds of sensing skills to make things and things, and between people and things. Other data and information can be obtained at any time, including a variety of quantitative information, coordinate information, identity information, video data, and so on. Because sensor technology is moving towards miniaturization and mobile direction, and processing channels tend to be networked, intelligent and multi-functional integration. Therefore, handling over six kinds of wiring system is mainly using IOT skills. He said.

In fact, the foundation of each system between city intelligence information exchange network needs strong induction support, communication network and networking, the Internet constitutes a basic communication network intelligent city, the immediate use of the Internet, networking, network and wireless communication network, the number of fully functional, many high-end terminal access network everything in the world as it will.

"Through the super six types of wire wiring intelligentized, the whole construction period and the operation and maintenance period of intelligent building and intelligent city can be handled." Zhang Yi pointed out that "you can also handle over six kinds of network cable cabling and network processing, integrate with the urban inductive pipeline handling, accomplish the resource sharing and long-distance monitoring.

It is still in its starting period

In December 2012, the Ministry of housing issued the national intelligence city (district and town) pilot target system, referring to the important position of over six kinds of cable wiring in intelligent cities. "It can be seen that in this target system, there are four first level targets, 11 level two targets and 57 three level targets. For the super six type network wiring system, it is shown in the two first targets. Zhang Yi said.

The increasing attention to the wiring of the super six types of network lines shows that the intelligent construction is helping to complete the transformation of urbanization. Some experts said that the current investment in intelligent construction accounted for only 5%-8% of the total construction investment. The focus in the future is to invest in the intelligent system of residential quarters, and the public building intelligent system is invested in two aspects.

In the next ten years, the planning of investment in intelligent shopping malls will reach one trillion yuan. In addition, at present, the state strongly advocates energy saving construction and green building and intelligent construction. This trend will directly affect the level of intelligent wiring and intelligent city, which involves many professional and cluttered commodity skills, and the level of the above six kinds of network wiring.

However, the level of the six types of network wire wiring in China is not high.

At the top of the list, most of them are still using the sticker label and infrared scanning method.

Second, the suppliers of goods supply the corresponding commodity software, but the software is often disproportionate to be open, but a kind of closed software.

Third methods, inefficient, error prone craft recorded fourth, information collection and management of logistics information field region and sub system, can only show some logistics information field, do not apply to the whole system.

Zhang Yi thought that the above four kinds of status would have four bad results, at the top of the list, the performance of information updating was poor;

Second, the power is low;

Third, the manual operation has the error and loss of operation; fourth, it is impossible to complete information integration, resource sharing and long-distance management. And the level of the six types of network wiring in China needs to be improved.


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