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Talking about security enterprises, fiber optic network jump line manufacturers sell products and se...

Talking about security enterprises, fiber optic network jump line manufacturers sell products and se...

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In recent years, due to the improvement of the capacity and technology development of the optical fiber jumpers in the security industry, the security hardware products are becoming more and more universal, and the homogenization of the products is more and more serious, which means the profit reduction is decreasing. China's security industry has developed for more than 30 years, and it has come to the stage of trade shuffle. As an industry, every big shuffle means a big upgrading of the industry. At the same time, it also means that enterprises need to re find ways that are suitable for their own development and suitable for industrial upgrading.

Smart city construction optical fiber jumper manufacturers continue to grow rapidly under the government's strong investment. This will bring huge business opportunities and broad market space for the security industry. In addition, the "smart city" is a very complicated information system, especially has entered the era of big data now, various industries integration, in this context, in the security companies involved in smart city project, not only have the hardware identity of the supplier, also need to actively integrate into the Internet, to provide solutions and technology thinking of the internet.

Optical fiber network jumper manufacturer

Today, companies want to become bigger and stronger, not only according to the previous accumulation of resources and their own advantages, but also according to the market orientation judgment: either become powerful hardware suppliers in a professional field to be strong; or has strong system integration capabilities, to help customers to design and construct a set of "tailored" security solution. In this context, security companies with rich product lines and system solutions can adapt to new market demands faster. Therefore, if security companies want to get a slice of the smart city or even occupy most of the market space, we need to prepare for these aspects. For example, in the platform, the smart city construction enterprises need to broaden their resources, upgrade the development ways of their products, online and offline, and provide solutions for different channels continue to expand their field; in the service object, before security enterprises face more public security industry users, in the smart city project security, enterprises also need to give full consideration to the business unit and a large number of city residents' demands and development to meet the corresponding requirements of their products and systems. On the other hand, intelligent city projects include many fields, and different areas will vary in product selection. Hardware vendors will focus on a vertical field when they go astray, or aim at a niche market, and their high-quality products will make them a top tier product supplier in this field. If the product hardware supplier can be the best in the industry, it will naturally be the beneficiary in the construction of intelligent city.

In the new market situation, the future security industry will form a new industry pattern. If security companies want to benefit from this environment, we must seek ways to speed up their development. Guangzhou WICANDERS Communications Technology Co., Ltd. has constantly widened its own development mode and field, and continued to seek new channels for rapid development. In the new form, WICANDERS will further focus on the Internet industry, combining online and offline sales, and developing its own security industry service platform, providing customers with more high-quality products and more targeted solutions and services. Only in this way can it be invincible in the security field under the great environment to continue to seek development and gain long-term interests.


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Add:No.7,Zhangbei Industrial Park,Longgang,Shenzhen,China

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