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The center of the network line of broadband optical cable construction is turning to the countryside

The center of the network line of broadband optical cable construction is turning to the countryside

Date:2017-12-29 Author:admin Click:2773

In recent years, China's optical fiber cable basic network development center of focus is gradually shifting, network operators are gradually shifting from the urban area to the rural areas to expand. The current situation of broadband development in rural areas is quite different from urban areas. The main difficulty lies in the lack of broadband access points. So the first thing to achieve is to finish the goal of "village and village communication" quickly, so that users with demand can open business as much as possible. In rural areas, overhead schemes are the main form of optical fiber laying, while traditional fiber optic cable construction schemes cannot well take account of the needs of rapid construction and fast loading. Rural housing is generally distributed along the road. It belongs to a long and narrow block. Under the condition that the business users are not clear, it is difficult to determine the access point of the branch optical cable and the number of branch cores of the cable. It is easy to lead to the insufficient core number or too much core number. In addition, for cable maintenance needs, when laying to the wire rod road of integrated wiring, generally have some inventory allowance on a pole, which is very difficult to maintain a full look not beautiful, is reserved for the black cable.

Network line manufacturer

Cable manufacturers in rural areas and the city area based on the characteristics of the construction stage of fiber network flexibility becomes especially important, operators should be rapid coverage for the concept, complete the construction of optical access point with the lowest cost, but also can be used in actual operations when installed, plug and play, greatly improve the management efficiency and business. Thus, realize the life cycle cost is the lowest. The specific scheme can be realized by developing a matching optical fiber connecting device on the basis of one tube and one core optical cable. In the early time of network construction, operators do not need to care about how the distribution of the specific business users, directly to the cable core tube along a rural road laying to users at the end of the middle, the utility model does not need cable tray fiber in wire rod, also do not need to place way separating equipment, so it can pass through the lower the cost and short cycle to complete the broadband capability target area coverage. In the stage of business installation, once a user needs to install in a certain area, the loading and unloading personnel only need to suspend a fiber box on the nearest optical cable, and the design of the box body is enough to support the fast pick up of the optical cable. This not only satisfies the access requirements of a single user, but also can be directly introduced from this place to the nearby users when there is demand, so as to form a new fiber access point.

Further consideration, cable manufacturers from the access point to the part of the user, using the traditional welding method, sporadic construction not only trouble and single user cost is high, and can be used in pre termination method considering the cable length of several kinds of custom presets, when users put loaded directly into the fiber separation point laying to the user, fast and efficient and can reduce on-site quick connector process problems.


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Add:No.7,Zhangbei Industrial Park,Longgang,Shenzhen,China

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