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Light of copper is not light into copper: copper and fiber optic cable should be dead long short can...

Light of copper is not light into copper: copper and fiber optic cable should be dead long short can...

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"Light" refers to the fiber optic cable, "copper" refers to the cable with copper as the conductor.

Although, in recent years vigorously implement the "light of copper, twisted pair copper is one of the most representative, its application has a long history, telephone and Internet is the use of twisted pair transmission, in many industrial control systems and disrupt the relatively large space and long distance transmission also using twisted pair. The reason why it uses so many fields is that it has the advantages of strong anti disturbance ability, long transmission distance, easy wiring and low price. Here is a detailed introduction from Xiaobian.

optical fiber and cable

First, the transmission distance is far, the transmission quality is high

Due to the twisted pair transceiver adopt advanced processing technology, excellent compensation of the twisted pair video signal amplitude attenuation and attenuation between the different frequency difference, to maintain the original image brightness and color and real-time in the transmission distance to 1km or more, the image signal without distortion. If the relay is taken, the transmission distance will be far away.

Two. Convenient wiring and high utilization of cable

We all know that a twisted pair with 4 twisted pair, if using one of the video signal transmission line, the other lines can be used to transmit audio signals and control signals, power supply or other signal, improve the utilization rate of the cable, while avoiding various signal separate wiring trouble, reduce the cost of the project.

Three. Strong resistance to disturbance

Twisted pair lines can effectively suppress common mode disturbances. Even in strongly disturbed environments, twisted pair wires can transmit excellent image signals. Moreover, several pairs of twisted pair wires in a cable are used to transmit different signals, and there will be no disruption to each other.

Four. High reliability and easy to use

The video signal is transmitted by the twisted pair line, the special transmitter should be connected to the front end, and the special receiver should be connected in the control center. The twisted pair transmission device is cheap and easy to use. No need for professional knowledge or operation, it will work steadily for a long time.

Five. The price is cheap and the material is convenient.

At present, the majority of the use of the market is twisted pair, because it is easy to buy, cheap, bring great convenience to the engineering application.

To sum up, the "copper back into the light" does not mean "light into the copper die, fiber optic cable has its own advantages, copper also exist certain convenience, the market mechanism in the moment, every product should play their own advantages, mutual help fill long short.


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